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See also: Nexus 5: Where to buy. That's the kind of value for money which is hard to argue with but there could well be things that make you pay the extra for the iPhone so we'll look at design, hardware and software. In der Summe bedeutet dies: Mit keinem anderen Smartphone im Testfeld gelingt es einfacher, zuverlässig Bilder in rasantem Tempo und in guter Qualität zu erstellen.

Absolut gesehen liefern allerdings die Konkurrenten je nach Anwendung und Situation eine teils deutlich bessere Bildqualität. The iPhone 5s evolution definitely keeps Apple as a major player in the smartphone race and should give it a nice boost going into the holiday season. The key points of the iPhone 5s for me are the: improved camera, the single-core performance and the new fingerprint reader since they all add to a better user experience.

There's always an apathy with any kind of 'S' device from Apple, as it's historically just the same thing made a little bit better. It's true the advances on the iPhone 5S are few, but the ones that are there are very impressive indeed.

So to say this is the best iPhone yet is relatively pointless, as of course it was going to be. But the combination of iOS 7 to freshen things up with a powerful core and great camera mean that this phone should be considered on its own considerable merits, and while the high price will continue to put many off, anyone already wedded to the iPhone bandwagon, or even if they're just on the fence, will find a lot of joy in a phone that's a lot more than an iterative update.

If you desire a phone that pushes the bounds of tablet territory like a Galaxy Note 3 and you want more freedom over the OS, keep looking. While the iPhone 5S doesn't have as good a screen as the Samsung Galaxy S4 it does feature a significantly better camera, longer battery life, more robust security features and, for those who can afford it, increased storage options. Apple introduces Touch ID and beefs up the internal specs of the iPhone, but the fundamental design of its predecessor is retained.

The 5s is one of the best performing handsets on the market, but is not the best value. Those with a 4S or 4 are in for a treat, though. As well as serious performance gains, the bigger screen and lighter weight make a huge difference, and the fingerprint scanner is a bonus. However, those impressed by the current crop of large-screen smartphones or looking for an overhaul of the Apple smartphone rather than a few handy tweaks might not rush out to buy.

Apple is clearly looking to future-proof its handset while offering developers the opportunity to take advantages of its bit architecture, A7 chip and M7 Coprocessor. But then this is a statement of intent. The camera is extraordinary. Touch ID is revolutionary. The iPhone 5s is a stunner today, but expect the real fun to come tomorrow. The company is using last year's mechanical design by and large, anyway , but this year's iOS. It's quite clear from iOS 7's colorful motif that the operating system was designed with the also-colorful iPhone 5c line in mind.

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It's practically future proof. We say practically because you can't stretch the corners of this phone to enlarge the display. However, the iPhone 5s is much more powerful, has a better rear camera and a useful fingerprint reader. Had the 5s launched with a bigger, more pixel-packed display, it could very well be going back to the top of our list of the best smartphones in the world.

As it is, Android still reigns supreme.

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At least it does until the 6in iPhone 6 comes out next year. Got that, Apple? Yes, though that shouldn't come as a surprise. Apple took a good product and made it better through hardware upgrades, new features and completely revamped software. The 5s is a solid effort from Apple, but its true worth is yet to be determined. In a heartbeat.

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The camera, convenience, and performance increases make that a no-brainer decision for smartphone power users. That trifecta of talents also makes a strong case against the top-tier Android devices, too: Apple still dominates the market for hand-friendly phones with flagship performance. We will be able to give a more definitive verdict as to which smartphone is the best once we do a full review of the iPhone 5s. The build is great, as always, and we like what we see in terms of new features.

One to watch. We'll give you a decisive verdict once we've fully tested the iPhone 5S. There are some notable differences, namely the larger flash which means some iPhone 5 cases won't fit properly , the steel-rimmed Home button more on that later and the all-new colour finish option, but aside from those it's nearly indistinguishable from its predecessor.

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And if you're one of those that deserted the platform after poor battery problems or signal issues, you'll especially like the iPhone 5S, which feels like one of Apple's most stable devices to date while carrying on the tradition of a close eye on premium design. Top Leistung in bewährter Form? Ogni anno, dalla California arriva un nuovo iPhone. L'ultima versione ha un design carino ben rivisitato ed il display è cresciuto di 0. Le prestazioni rispecchiano i livelli Apple e sono elevate. Tuttavia, l'impressione è intaccata dall'iOS 8, che non è ancora perfettamente fluido, con cadute di WLAN ed autonomia più breve.

The iPhone 6 was eclipsed by the iPhone 6S, and we reckon it's now a little long in the tooth. If money is not an issue, these are indeed meaningful improvements across the board with the iPhone 6s, so you have a good enough reason to upgrade from the 6. Gamers should also be excited about the A9 and 3D Touch in games.

For all the rest that are looking for a more practical reason to upgrade rose gold does not count and are more or less on budget, we'd say you'll be perfectly OK if you just stick with the iPhone 6 for another year. Should you buy the new iPhone 6s or stick with last year's model? That said, if you've already got the iPhone 6 it's well worth considering whether you really need those extra features, as it's no small investment.

It can compete with features and specs of smartphones twice the price, which makes it great value for money. But which is ultimately better? The design of both phones is great, even though each manufacturer has used different materials in the construction. If you are a power user, who likes being able to control almost everything on their device, or just really enjoys having various features, go with the G4.

You also get a removable back cover, so if your daily life includes a lot of traveling and not many opportunities to charge your phone, you can just make a quick swap.

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Although it's more expensive, the Galaxy S6 is the better smartphone here thanks to its extra storage, impressive Quad HD screen, awesome camera and extra gadgets like the IR blaster and heart rate monitor. A big factor here is software, though, so if you don't want Android then the iPhone 6 is the phone for you. Which comes on top is up to the users themselves. If you want to be able to tweak almost everything, go with the Galaxy S6. They both have stand-out features as well as downfalls, so it's going to be a case of weighing up the features you consider to be most important in a smartphone.

For example, if you want an exceptionally good camera or enjoy taking lots of selfies you might want to opt for the LG G4, but for a slimmer, more compact smartphone you'll be better off choosing the iPhone 6. If those nuances are not all that important, though, you can stay assured that both phones are great in most other aspects.

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It is a welcome change — synthetic tests are fun to look at and to compare numbers but they were never very representative of what real-world experiences users see on their own devices. Synthetics still have a place to set expectations for hardware and to allow us to compare processor capabilities, but I am looking forward to adding GameBench to our standard suite of benchmarks for upcoming phone and tablet reviews.

The Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 won four rounds each, but for us the Samsung handset has a definite edge. Featuring a superior display and better camera, battery and general performance the Galaxy S6 is currently the best smartphone out there. Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 Sorgente: V3. Featuring a sharper display, better camera, longer battery life and superior front and back cameras, the Galaxy S6 is one of the finest smartphones ever made. However, housing a more original metal design, future proof software and improved security, there is still plenty to like about the iPhone 6.

If you want an Android phone that adds that cool factor with overall very solid performance, the S6 edge is the one to get. The iPhone 6 still has the advantage of more apps and games, as well as the perfected iOS 8 experience. For most other things, there is parity — you really can't go wrong with either of the two phones. Intergalactic camera shootout: Galaxy S6 vs. Galaxy S5 vs.

Note 4 vs. A full year divides the Galaxy S5 and S6 and between them there was distinct improvement. The Galaxy Note 4 is more recent and benefits from some of the same camera improvements that the S6 boasts, most notably, the Sony IMX sensor and the optical image stabilization. You could even argue that this Samsung smartphone looks a teeny weeny bit like an iPhone 6. Indeed, the bottom of the Galaxy S6 is very similar to the iPhone 6 with drilled holes for the speaker, a central USB port and the headphone jack. The Samsung is ever so slightly thinner, though - just 6.

Funnily enough, Samsung made a few jibes at Apple at its launch event, pointing out that this super-thin phone won't bend. An iPhone with a larger screen works very well indeed, so much so that we wonder why Apple didn't do it sooner. But the question is: has Apple done enough? In some respects, we'd say they have: battery life is excellent, the display largely superb, the camera as good as any we've seen bar the Lumia , and when it comes to performance, the iPhone 6 kicks every other smartphone on the market into touch.

The unique, water-resistant design, great battery life and stellar display make the Xperia Z3 one of the best smartphones we've ever seen. And offering slightly faster performance and more up-to-date software there is still plenty to like about both the iPhone 6 and Nexus 6. Featuring a luxurious metal design, stellar screen, wealth of enterprise security services and above average battery, the iPhone 6 Plus is a great smartphone for anyone in Apple's ecosystem.